Spun bond (polypropylene and polyester)

Spun bond (polypropylene and polyester)

These PP and PS based non-woven textiles with high strength are produced by pulling and extruding continuous filaments without spinning. 

Isotactic polypropylene is widely used in non-woven textile manufacturing through spun bonding technology. PP has a great efficiency and coating due to its low density.

PS spun bond has more cost due to its high tensile strength and process stability in comparison with PP. PS textiles can be easily dyed and printed.  Non-woven textiles with planar spider web texture are in form of fiber mass which have been shaped horizontally or randomly. The fibers are forced together through Levigation or by using adhesive. Spinning is not used in nonwoven textile manufacturing because of its disability in creation compacted layer. These textile has health care and geotextile applications.

Non-woven textile applications are as follows:

Medical application

Industrial application

Domestic application

Clothing industry

Automotive application



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